Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's the LAW!

ORDER! ORDER in the court (hits gavel). 

So today, I got to do a "mock trail", for all of you saying "what does that mean" well I am in an education law class and today we went to the justice building and mocked an actual trial that happened in real life. The case was about a student that was accused of having prescription drugs in school and the principal basically striped searched her, she is allowed to search her but not to the extend of her having to take of her clothes, ext.  

Any who, now that you got the low down of what the case was about, this got me thinking, if we are allowed to do a mock trail as college students, why not have students, at a much lower level of course, do a simple mock trail. They get to know who is involved in a court case, who the "Baylor" "plaintiff  "jury" all are. HMMM......  :)

Hope your week is going awesome and doing some awesome "fall" "Halloween"  activities! I LOVE fall! :) 


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