Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hey guys, Classes are going crazy right now and are in full force! I am currently working on a paper about my families history. Who knew that genealogy could be so fun. You can find out so much! Most local libraries have and other search options on their computer and get this.. you can use it for FREE! Awesome right!? For my mom's side I have it easy, my great aunt did a entire genealogy so I have that to go off of. My dad's side I don't have much, and I also want to look into my fiancee family too. Whew do I have work to do!

I can't be more excited to get this semester done and over with so I can start my student teaching and get a teaching job! I have been in school since I was 3, so I think it's time for this stuff to be over with right!? :)


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